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July 1st, 2012


Pool Closed Ice Cream


My poor husband and kiddo headed to the pool today in 90-degree weather around 5 p.m., only to find the doors closed. The power had gone out during a wind storm around noon, and they sent all the guards home and closed down for the whole day. I was at the store gathering salad makings to go with some pizza for dinner, and got the distress call from Bill via IM... so I offered to run another batch of ice cream as a consolation prize, and to let Linc choose the flavor. The request was for mint chocolate chip, which sounded great... I have a big ol' chocolate mint plant going bananas in my container herb garden, so it needed to be harvested anyway.

I went with the mint-infused milk recipe from The Perfect Scoop, but found it online for you here. I don't think I had a whole two cups of mint, but it sure tasted minty enough before I mixed it with the egg yolks. This is the first custard recipe I've tried, but I only had 3 of the 5 eggs it called for, so it's going to be a light custard (we get our milk and egg delivery tomorrow morning, yay Oberweis home delivery service! The way I'm doing the chocolate chips is the Stracciatella method... melted chocolate added in a thin dribble at the end of the mixing process to make tiny shards of dark bits.

It was still eggy even with only three eggs... and I don't like the combo of eggs and mint. I do love milk and mint, though, so next time I'll try this Philadelphia-style (eggless). I also loved doing the Straccialtella chocolate chip technique, even though it took the ice cream from almost-scoopable back to mushy (but a little time in the freezer will fix that). My home-grown chocolate mint gave a lovely flavor, and I wish I'd squeezed the leaves more instead of just pressing them with a spoon (I read later that this can give you not only more mint flavor but a pretty pale green color too). And, along with the pizza, this treat helped cheer up the sad boy just beautifully. Mission accomplished!

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